Loveland Garden Club

Hosts will arrive early to set up chairs and tables for the program, and stay after to restore the room and the kitchen to their original conditions, including washing dishes and returning them to their original locations within the church cupboards. Please check with the Program Committee for any special setup requests.

Hosts will provide a door prize that is garden related, to be raffled at each meeting. A door prize is not needed when the club is on a tour. The centerpiece decoration could also be the door prize if you choose. The value should be $10.00 or less. The proceeds from the door prize will go to the Tree Fund of the Loveland Garden Club.

Hosts will provide snacks, such as vegetables and dip, cheese and crackers, plus a dessert or fruit. For a tour, hosts will provide drinks and napkins and members are asked to bring their own lunches unless otherwise noted.

Hosts must contact each other prior to the meeting to decide what the menu will be and share in the shopping, preparation, and in the expenses(including the door prize and any optional decorations). These expenses can be reimbursed up to a $30.00 limit when an itemized receipt is submitted to the Treasurer. However, Hosts may choose to donate their expenses to the club. When possible, it is preferable that any optional decorations include items from your garden, as it is enjoyable for members to share the bounty of our gardens with one another.

Hosts should check standard supplies in the LGC box (stored in the large closet at the church where the tables and chairs are) before the meeting and purchase any supplies that need replenishing. Standard items are: Coffee, tea, sugar, artificial sweetener, creamer, paper cups, paper plates, paper napkins, and plastic silverware. These items are always reimbursable within reasonable limits (no high-end, expensive or designer products) when an itemized receipt is submitted to the Treasurer. Hostesses may choose to donate these items to the club.

Hosts are responsible for finding a substitute if unable to attend the meeting.