Loveland Garden Club

In the event that an activity would need to be cancelled, or if there is a time change for an activity, or if any other type of important information needs to be relayed prior to the next meeting one of the officers would implement the Phone Tree by calling the first member on the roster and delivering that message.

That first member would then call the second member on the roster. The second member would then call the third member on the roster, and so forth…Be sure to call the next member on the roster as soon as possible; time is usually of essence in getting the message out to all members. When calling, be sure to stress that “This is a Phone Tree”, and try to relay the message details exactly as you received them.

When the last member on the roster receives the message, that member should then call the officer who originated the message, so the officer is assured that all members have received the message.

When you call a member and get their answering machine, you must leave the message for them and then call the next person on the roster. You may get several answering machines in a row, but it is important to keep calling down the roster until you talk to a real person directly. At that point, the person you talked to would take over calling down the roster, and so forth….