Loveland Garden Club

     The Loveland Garden Club was organized and federated in October, 1994. Members of the LGC are automatically members of the Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. (CFGC), the Northern Front Range District (NFRD), the Rocky Mountain Region (RMR), and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC). Because of affiliations beyond our local club, there is a wealth of information and resources for gardeners, not only from Colorado but from all over America.

     Our club is a non-profit organization providing benefits from our fund raising efforts to the community. We provide grants, scholarships, memorial tree plantings, and upkeep of public garden areas in Loveland, among other opportunities. 

     Each month our educational and inspiring programs provide excellent resources for expanding our knowledge as gardeners and conservationists. Whether you are new to gardening with small container plantings on your patio, or have acreage or small plots with mature gardens, you’ll find a special home as a member of our Club. We learn from each other, as we continue to adapt to the extraordinary and beautiful landscapes of Colorado gardening.

     Information in this website will provide data about the LGC’s objective, meetings, dues, and projects. Guests are always welcome and your consideration to become a new member is encouraged. Members have a wonderful time sharing new ideas and committing time as volunteers for  the LGC community. Please join us.