Loveland Garden Club

Loveland Garden Club has a Tree Fund which supports our donation of trees in Loveland on a yearly basis.

If you would like to help us with this effort, please bring a check to a meeting or send it to:

Loveland Garden Club
c/o Linda Hollingsed, Treasurer
5241Cedar Valley Dr.
Loveland, CO. 80537

Here are the past donations:

1994 - Golden Rain Tree (symbol of LGC) (Koelreuteria paniculata)

Jeff Petersen Xeriscape Park 1st & Washington, Loveland

1995 - Native Chokecherry (3)* (Prunus virginia melanocarpa)

Wellness Walk, McKee Hospital Complex, Boise Ave, Loveland

1996 - White Flowering Crabapple# (Malus ‘snow drift’)

City of Loveland Burial Park South Entrance, west side, Cleveland Ave, Loveland

1997 - Skymaster Oak (2)*#  (Quercus robur) (planted 2002)

All Saints Episcopal Church, West side, Taft Ave, Loveland

1998 - Washington Hawthorn# (Crataegus phaenopyrum)        

First tree south of Fire Station, East side of Taft, Loveland

1999 - Cottonless Cottonwood* (Populus fremontii)

Edmondson Elementary, West Playground, Loveland

1999 - Idaho Locust* (Robinis ‘idahoensis’)

SW side of Edmonson Elementary, Loveland

2000 - Ginkgo (2)# (Ginkgo biloba)

SE 4th Street, Winona Swimming Pool Park, Front Entry, Loveland                     

2006--Remodel Winona, moved to west parking lot Seven Lakes Park, Loveland

2001 - Western Catalpa (2)# (Catalpa speciosa)                       

Benson Sculpture Park, East Side, Children’s Garden, Beech Dr., Loveland

2002 - Japanese Tree Lilac# (Syringa reticulata)

         - Japanese Pagoda Tree (Sophora japonica)

(Memorial Tree for Jacque Gustafson’s Parents, Oscar and Elma Fischer)

Benson Park, West Side, Northwest of Pavilion, Loveland

2003 - DesFontaines Cherry (5)*(3)# (Prunus desfontaines)                  

Centennal Park, West Side of Shed Two trees are now Lindens Silverglenn Park (Memorial Trees for Mrs.Cowlef) (Tilia ‘Greenspire’) Loveland

2004 - Meidiland Roses (6)# (Meidiland Scarlet & Pink)

Rose Park, Statue of Liberty Park,SE side Lake Loveland on Eisenhower, Loveland (Memorial planting for Betty Fallon and Annie Carpenter)

2005 - Big Tooth Rocky Mountain Maple# (Acer grandidentatum ‘Schmidt’)

City of Loveland Burial Park (Patriot Tree planting) Near the Veteran Memorial, South Entrance, Cleveland Ave, Loveland

2006 - Seven Son Flower (Heptacodium miconiones)

Centennial Park, east side of parking lot in grass border area next to 1st Street, Loveland

2007 - Gardens on Spring Creek

Ft. Collins, Donation of $200 toward a Sour Cherry Tree in their fruit orchard

2008 - Linden trees (2)

North Lake Park, Loveland, Next to the Lonetree Schoolhouse

2009 - Sour Cherry (2)

Fairgrounds Park, Next to the Milner-Schwarz Farmhouse, Loveland

2010 - Cherry tree (2)

Milner-Schwarz Farmhouse, Loveland

2011 - State Street Maple (2)

Centennial Park 

2012 & 2013 - Ginko  

Seven Lakes Park

2014 - Roses (5)

Scout Park for M.J. Carpenter, Joan Busch and Marie Ruff

2015 - Trees

Loveland's New Arboratum

2015 - Replaced Roses

Statue of Liberty Park

2016 - Tri-color Beech

Loveland's New Arboratum

2017 - Tatarian Red Hot Wings Maple

Parking Entrance to Mahaffey Park, W. 22nd Street for Naoimi Rider

2019 - Sugar Maple

Namaqua Park

* Denotes the trees that are no longer there due to removal; assumed dead.

# Denotes currently tagged with donation and ID of tree